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CMMS roles and hiring for diversity

Recorded September 28, 2021 at Fiix Forward 2021: Maintenance drives performance, our annual user conference.

Managing a successful CMMS program involves responsibilities across four main pillars: business, configuration, data analysis, and adoption. At some organizations, these responsibilities fall on one person. At others, it's a team of people. Watch this session to learn the types of roles and skill sets we've seen across the most successful CMMS programs. Learn why building and organizing a diverse team of CMMS champions can lead to greater innovation and creativity for problem-solving.

In this session you'll:
- Learn how the four pillars of responsibilities are necessary for a successful CMMS program from Fiix Customer Success Manager, Katrina Abrams
- See examples of how Fiix users have organized these responsibilities into roles from Fiix Senior Implementation Consultant, Joe McVay
- Learn practical tips for hiring managers when it's time to grow your team and understand why diversity can improve program success and how to achieve this from Fiix Director of Talent & Diversity, Dean Delpeache