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Becoming an inclusive leader and why it matters

Recorded September 27, 2021 at Fiix Forward 2021: Maintenance drives performance, our annual user conference.

In this session, Dean Delpeache, Fiix Director of Talent and Diversity, discusses old leadership styles vs inclusive leadership techniques - what’s the difference, why things are changing, how to get people on board, and how it positively impacts business. You will learn the 6 characteristics of an inclusive leader to give you a framework on how to develop these skills and immediately start actioning new practices in your day-to-day routine to establish and grow an inclusive culture in your department. Even small steps can lead to big gains.

In this session we discuss with Dean:
- How diversity and inclusivity help teams hit their goals and improve productivity
- New techniques for problem solving and improving processes
- New skills to help unlock the potential of each team member