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Fiix implementation strategy: Crawl, walk, run

Recorded September 27, 2021 at Fiix Forward 2021: Maintenance drives performance, our annual user conference.

With any new software implementation, there can be a tendency to want to implement as many features and new processes as possible during the initial roll out. After 1000s of CMMS implementations, the Fiix experts from our professional services team have some advice on how to breakdown your implementation into manageable steps. Whether you're just getting started, you're interested in re-evaluating or re-commissioning, or you're embarking on your next implementation at another site, this session will help set you up for future success.

In this session, Fiix Senior Manager of Implementation Consulting, Steve Ricard:
- Fast tracks the key lessons learned over 1000s of Fiix implementations
- Shows how to rollout features in a staged approach to achieve the best end result
- Explains how you can re-commission if you missed some of these steps along the way